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All You Need To Know About A Career As A Carpenter

Working in the field of carpentry is one of the top choices for many individuals because of the abundance of positions that are available in this career. There is also the fact that nearly every carpentry position offers a good amount of income.

Assistant Carpenter

If carpenters are just starting out and may want to have some extra time to learn more tricks of the trade, then being an assistant carpenter is a great position to choose. Through this position, basic skills are studied like learning how to measure accurately, reading blueprints correctly, and how to safely use power tools to complete specific jobs.

The average income that can be expected with the position of an assistant carpenter is around $29,000 or more, depending on the location and company.

Residential Carpentry

With residential carpentry, most of the work that is performed is on personal locations such as homes, townhouses, and condos. In this case, a carpenter would be in charge of a number of different duties. Framing may be performed when at these locations.

The average income for residential carpenters is around $46,000.

Furniture Finishing

Carpenters who choose to focus on furniture finishing will perform several tasks in order to produce completely finished furniture. Usually, old or damaged furniture may be in need of restoring and clients are willing to pay top dollar to have a professional handle this for them. Once these items are restored, it also the job of the carpenter to explain how each piece of furniture should be preserved.

Furniture finishers can expect to earn an average yearly income of about $31,000.

Commercial Carpentry

A commercial carpenter will help with construction in areas such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, retail stores, and office buildings.

A lot of framing work is performed by the carpenter and with commercial carpentry, the use of more than just wood may be necessary. Many carpenters often work with steel as well. They may also perform duties such as installing windows, laying down floors, and constructing ceilings.

About $47,000 is the average yearly income for many commercial carpenters just starting out and can increase to over $50,000 with experience.

Industrial Carpentry

Industrial carpenters may be considered the toughest of all carpentry careers because it involves public projects such as manufacturing and energy production. For large scale construction projects, an experienced carpenter is a necessity. Some of the tasks that will be involved in this field can include building bracing, concrete forms, partitions, and scaffolding that is both safe and strong. Many of these same carpenters will also work on projects such as dams, tunnels, and even bridges.

Because of the demands of this particular position, industrial carpenters can make a yearly average of $60,000 or more.

Work From Home Opportunities

As a carpenter, there is always the opportunity to choose to work from home. It is a good idea to already have a following of people who can be used as references to the quality of work that can be provided to clients. Skills need to be first-rate and it is imperative to know how to cut out, properly shape, and how to finish wood so that it is preserved at its best.

With working from home, there are plenty of possibilities for the exact type of carpentry that you wish to do. You do not have to work on specifics like making cabinets or building decks. In fact, expanding skills to work on other types of projects are the best way to receive work and continually be available for new jobs from clients.

For carpenters that are just starting out and may not have a following of references that they can use, photos and videos are a great option for proving the skills that you have. It is also not necessary to work on complicated projects when you are starting your work from home career as a carpenter. Some projects to start with can include building custom dollhouses, instruments for music, home décor, coffee tables, signs, and bookshelves.

Benefits of Carpentry Careers

There is a world of benefits that come from choosing carpentry as a career. One key benefit is that there are always carpentry jobs that are available. Construction from new companies forming or even homeowners wanting to build new houses lead to several openings in the carpentry industry.

Aside from jobs that involve building something new, there are also the jobs that involve restoring something old. Pretty much any type of structure that needs repairing can provide a multitude of carpentry positions.

Physical advantages are a part of a carpentry career as well. There are many benefits such as physical strength, dexterity, and improved motor functions when performing the many different tasks that come with being a carpenter.

Probably the most important of all benefits with carpentry is that, because such a variety of skills are learned, transferring to a different career later on will be made easier. Two of the most important skills that are learned deal with customer service and technology. Both of these play a huge role in many positions, so having them ahead of time will make searching, applying, and interviewing easier for future jobs.

A very big health benefit of carpentry jobs is that, for many individuals, it is almost the equivalent of meditating. Carpentry is essentially an art form and many carpenters feel that they have improved both mind and body through steady concentration on their work. Having a career that is considered peaceful and not stressful is a rare commodity that many wishes were possible.

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