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Career Profile – Social Media Manager

Careers in social media are growing more and more popular every day and a position as a social media manager is a highly sought-after career. There is more to being a social media manager than staring at different social sites. There are numerous responsibilities and professional skills needed to land this position and succeed.


The responsibilities are endless when it comes to being a social media manager. It is best to be absolutely sure of your ability to accomplish these tasks before applying for these types of positions.

Developing Content

You have to be very aware of the type of customers that you need to reach because generating content that draws them in is the number one aspect of being a social media manager.

Managing Content

Once that content is created, you will need to manage all of it on a daily basis. Any article, videos, or images that are used each day will need to be organized so that you are aware of what content has already been made available. For each website or blog that you manage, you will have to do this organizational task.


When you are managing all content, it is crucial to take note of the responses that you get from that content. It will be your job to read through and respond to any questions or concerns.


In your responses, you will also have to think about promoting. You will have to be subtle about the way you promote, while still offering a reasonable response to each person. You also need to promote outside of these responses. Finding websites that can help you promote or speaking with companies that you can use for promotion, are also a part of the daily to-do list of a social media manager.


A social media manager also carries a lot of weight as a designer. The overall design of any social networking pages is an important aspect that the social media manager will be in charge of. Every design must coincide with branding that is already present.

Manage Reviews

For anything that is being promoted, the social media manager can expect to have a number of reviews to read through. This can be considered a form of quality control because reading, taking note of, and responding to reviews is how problems are discovered and solved.


After all the content developing, managing content, responding, promoting, designing, and managing reviews are completed, compiling a report of all of this is essential. Management will definitely want to see an overall strategy and the results that have come from using this strategy.

Necessary Qualifications

Many individuals do not realize that there are quite a few qualifications that are essential to being a social media manager. There are many things that you need to qualify for with this type of position.


Proof of just how good you are will be very important to qualifying for a job in this field. If you have managed any jobs in the past that involved websites, you need to keep samples of these available in your career portfolio. You will need to prove you are more than just talk, but that you also have the skills to back up your experience.


A network needs to already be present so that promoting can be made quicker and more efficient, rather than starting a network only when you start a job. Your network also needs to contain a wide variety of connections from various sources. This network is essential to nearly every aspect of being a social media manager.

Marketing Strategies

Being aware of different marketing strategies is a must. It is crucial to know how to read your audience and develop a plan for promoting to that audience. It is important to also know old and new marketing skills.


When it comes to publishing content, you need to know when, where, and how to publish your content. There are certain times that are better for publishing than others, and it is important to know when the greater amount of viewers will view your content.

Some social media sites are better than others so you must know which sites will benefit your content the most. Knowing exactly how to publish content is also essential for getting the right message across. You need to know about SEO, how to use hashtags, and placing the appropriate links when needed.


To go along with the qualifications there are some necessary skills that you will need.

1. Communication. With communication, you need to know strong verbal and written communications. Know how to speak clearly, in complete sentences, and use proper grammar and punctuation.

2. Teamwork. An ability to work with others and actually get along is an absolute must with any social media job. As a social media manager, you need to sometimes work as a team to accomplish different social events that are taking place on many of your websites, profiles, or at physical locations.

3. Fast Learner. There are many tools dealing with social media and promoting that are constantly changing every day. There are even more that are being created. You need to be able to not only pick up on these tools but also learn how to use them quickly.

4. Problem Solving. There are always problems that are going to arise with followers and customers. Your problem-solving skills should be impeccable because you will have to know strategy when it comes to how you go about your social media promotions.


There are several different ranges for the salary of a social media manager because of the basis of this type of career. Whether working freelance or for a company, the salary can range from $68,000 to $95,000.

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Career Profile – Social Media Manager

Careers in social media are growing more and more popular every day and a position as a social media manager is a highly sought-after career. There is more to being a social media manager than staring at different...

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