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Careers 101 – Music Journalist

The life of a music journalist is more than just listening to music. There are more responsibilities involved, but it is a guarantee that music lovers will find this job fascinating. Get to know a little more about what the job entails before you make your final decision.

What does a music journalist do?

There are countless jobs of a music journalist, but some are more important than others. The main task of a music journalist is to write about music and the music industry. There are several ways in which a music journalist may do this. Some will focus on specific aspects such as the musicians and their lives, both business and personal. They interview each musician and uncover the truths and facts about their music and inspirations.

Another music journalists may choose to review music and musicians. This does not involve interviewing musicians, but it does involve listening to quite a bit of music and knowing a lot about the different types of music. A music journalist would listen to different songs from different genres and give their opinion about the song. Describing the sound, lyrics, chorus, and how unique a song is, is how the music journalist would review each song.

Then there are music journalists who prefer to leave out the musicians and songs altogether and focus on the music industry as a whole. They may interview people who are involved with songs, musicians, or the making of music, but they will also give their review of all of this as well. Pretty much anything that is involved in the music industry is the subject of this type of writing.

You should also keep in mind that music journalists will have to have an open mind when it comes to music. This is because most music journalists do not keep to one set genre. Many will branch out into all styles of music because this offers the best opportunities for music journalists.

The Good:

There are a few benefits that you will find that come with a job as a music journalist. Here are some of the top benefits.

1. New Music – Usually you are the first to get to hear any new music that will be coming out. This is because you are essentially a promoter of music and the music industry, so it is crucial for you to have the first opportunities for listening to new music.

2. Interviews – You have the opportunity to interview popular music artists. It is an opportunity that many people wish they had. You also get a chance to ask the questions that everyone wants to know the answers to.

3. Events – You get to work at events, both private and public, on a regular basis. You promote a lot of the music through your writing so you can also host quite a few parties to help in the promotion of that music. This means that you get plenty of promos for free. This is yet another benefit that many people wish they had but will find it very hard to get.

4. Parties – Usually the events that you attend will also give you a chance to get your name out there and let musicians and those working in the music industry, know that you are the person to go to. You can expect to receive invitations to private parties and after-parties as well.

The Bad:

While there may be quite a bit of good, there can be an equal amount of bad points for being a music journalist.

1. Pay – Unfortunately, while the parties and interviews may be great, they do not guarantee that you will have a steady amount of income coming in. Most jobs as a music journalist are freelance, and each contract that you make can be very different from the previous one. The only way to have a steady paycheck is to make an agreement with a publisher, which is very difficult to obtain.

2. Deadlines – Deadlines can be incredibly fast and near impossible to make. You have to be on your best game and always active in the music journalism world in order to get the information that you need to make a deadline on your writing.

3. Reviews – You will have to understand that not all of your reviews or articles are going to be positive or show people in a positive light. Because of this, you can expect to hear about the articles that paint people in a negative way. It is a part of the job because your writing will reach a number of different people from many different music industries.

Becoming A Music Journalist

There are quite a few ways in which you can become a music journalist. Some find it easier to start off with internships. These are often with music publications and during their college years. While many of these may not start you off with pay, they do provide you with the experience that you need to get into the business.

Others may want to start out with a portfolio, which means starting out for free sometimes. The point of this method is to simply get some work flowing your way so that you can build a portfolio of references, samples, and a network.

Blogging is yet another way to get started in the music industry. This is especially good for those who want to start with building a network of people to help promote them. You can have your writing samples with links to the work. People can follow you and share your work, which can lead to more opportunities.

All of these are a great way to get started as a music journalist and learning about the job a little more can really help you in making the right decision for your career.

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The life of a music journalist is more than just listening to music. There are more responsibilities involved, but it is a guarantee that music lovers will find this job fascinating. Get to know a little more about what...

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