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Top 7 Weather-Related Careers via @targetedcareer

7 Top Weather-Related Careers for Meteorology-Lovers

Weather-related jobs are a chance for many individuals to expand their knowledge while enjoying the excitement as well. There are different fields that you choose from within the realm of jobs that relate to…

This is the Career Path of a Buyer Explained via @targetedcareer

This is the Buyer’s Career Path Explained

A buyer can be known by many titles through their career, including negotiator, purchasing agent, or analyzer. All of these titles simply mean that a buyer is in charge of the purchasing power of…

Making Fashion Design Your Career Choice via @targetedcareer

Making Fashion Design Your Career Choice

If you have a passion for clothing, designing clothing, or even buying clothing, then a career in #fashiondesign just might be a great choice for you. There are, however, some things you…