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These are the Best Skills to Have in a Retail Career via @targetedcareer

The Best Skills to Possess When Working in Retail

Retail involves more than just being able to speak to customers or make a sale. There are other skills that will be necessary for many different positions in retail. These skills are good for…

How to Gain a Career in Retail and Survive it via @targetedcareer

How to Gain a Career in Retail and Survive it

A career in retail is definitely for a special kind of person. You have to be a people person to handle nearly every position in retail. These are the types of retail positions you…

This is the Career Path of a Buyer Explained via @targetedcareer

This is the Buyer’s Career Path Explained

A buyer can be known by many titles through their career, including negotiator, purchasing agent, or analyzer. All of these titles simply mean that a buyer is in charge of the purchasing power of…