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Interview Tips For Older Job Hunters

Job interviews can sometimes be a bit more stressful for older job hunters. Despite this, there are some ways in which to make an interview a more pleasant experience. Here are a few tips that you can consider to help you ace the interview and land the job that you want.

1. Always check your physical appearance.

Your physical appearance is the first thing that anyone is going to notice about you, so it is only natural that you need to take a closer look at this first. To have a more youthful or fresh appearance, you do not have to go overboard with clothes, hairstyles or even makeup. Keeping your hair cut and styled in a simple way is perfectly fine. Be sure not to go too crazy with makeup or jewelry as well. These can be seen as distracting and not in a good way.

You also want to make sure that you dress appropriately. You do not have to show up in your Sunday best, but just be sure that you have a clean and refined, casual look. It is best to avoid clothes that are too bright, baggy, dirty, extremely wrinkled, or tight-fitting as well.

2. Get your references in order.

It does not matter what age you are when you start job hunting because references will always play a pivotal role in your interview process. The interviewer may ask you about those references and specifically why they are your choice of references.

Be sure you have a good list in order and that you have made contact with each of your references before you start going to interviews. Your references need to be aware that you are actively looking for a job in case they are called as one of the references. This way, they are not surprised by the call and can be ready to give you some positives to the recruiter that calls.

3. Get to know new technology.

One thing that is a guarantee when searching for jobs this year is that technology is going to be the focal point of nearly every job position. You have to be aware of the technology that is available now, but also how to use it. Many companies have traded in pen and paper for computers, tablets, and even smartphones that can do all their business work for them.

It will definitely be necessary to figure out how to use all of this technology and make sure that you are very familiar with it before you go to an interview. Oftentimes, recruiters will ask the candidate about their knowledge of specific technology and may even want them to demonstrate it as well. This is where the importance of knowing technology will come in handy.

4. First impressions are everything.

Remember that the first impression you lay out there for the recruiter is what they will perceive you as from that moment on. You want to make sure you are making the right impression from the start so you should start by presenting yourself appropriately. Smile to the recruiter and shake hands. Introduce yourself right away in order to plant your name in their mind from the beginning. More than likely, they will give you their name, and you want to be sure that you remember this throughout the interview, but especially at the end when you are closing out the interview.

As a first impression, you should also make sure your personality will fit the part of a professional as well. Just smiling right away is one thing, but it will only be as believable as you are. Your personality needs to fit the part as well. Being lively and energetic, but not too much, is what you need to focus on, especially if you will be working with younger employees or management. Being lively can make you look like a great fit, especially when it comes to jobs in retail.

5. Let them know that younger management does not worry you.

A lot of recruiters worry about hiring older employees because of the simple fact that they think it will not go over well with them and having to answer to a younger manager. You should make it clear from the start that this is not a problem for you. Emphasize that you are a hard worker and that having a younger manager will not keep you from being an excellent employee.

Giving a recruiter that reassurance can help your chances of being hired. It will also make a good impression on both the recruiter and the manager as well.

6. Be honest about your reasons to continue working.

Another thing that concerns recruiters about hiring older job seekers is that they are not sure about their plans for retirement. They often think that this job position is simply a means to hold a person over until they plan on retiring, which may only be a few years. It can hurt your chances of getting a job position if you are not clear on your reason for wanting the job.

Make it very clear to the recruiter that you are interested in the job position because you genuinely enjoy working and that you are not thinking about retirement anytime soon. Making this clear from the start lets the recruiter focus on more important aspects of your interview like experience, versus thinking about how long they will be able to keep you as an employee.

All of these tips combined can help you when it becomes time to interview for job positions. Remember that being an older job hunter does not put you at a disadvantage, as long as you know how to use your skills to your advantage. Having a young personality can help your interview go smoothly and is a great asset that you can use during the interview but also after getting hired.

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