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Introverts – Methods to Networking

Being an introvert in the career world can be difficult, especially when networking is such a crucial part of any career these days. The good news is that you do not have to let your shy side hold you back. There are several ways that you can create and maintain a network, even if you are an introvert.

A Simple Smile

The best way that you can make a good impression when networking, is to simply give a smile. It is very welcoming to people and for some, it can help get a conversation started. A smile will make you more approachable and you will also come off as a friendly person. This is what many recruiters are looking for when they seek out potential employees.

It may seem very uncomfortable at first, but the more you smile, the easier it becomes. Just repeat in your mind that smiling is the first thing you should do when meeting each recruiter.

Have Someone Tag Along

If you plan on going to a big event, despite being an introvert, then you can make it a little easier on yourself by taking a friend along with you. This can really help take some of the anxiety away when you do have to be surrounded by so many people.

That person can help to create a comfort zone for you as you attend the event and get to meet other people. For the person that you take with you, try to find someone who is not shy about meeting and speaking to other people. This is the best type of person to help you open up a little and meet others while at events. You are still able to grow your network, but you also have the chance to keep some of your comfort in place as well.

For the different career events that you may go to, you may want to consider having that same friend help you to remember to get contact information from different recruiters. You will need to keep in touch with them after the events are over so that you can make sure they remember you.

Try The Internet

Another method that you can use in order to create a network, is to simply do your networking online. It is much easier to get a network started when you are using different websites and apps. You can start with creating a blog of your own where you can tell people about yourself and what you do.

Keep in mind that when you start the blog, you have control over how much of yourself you want people to see. It is not always necessary to create videos and take photos of yourself, so this is a good way that anyone who is an introvert can get started. You can also join different social media websites and different groups that they may have within them.

It is very easy to use the internet as your tool for networking when you are an introvert. You are not always face-to-face with people and can present yourself in the way that you want to be presented.

Look To The Past

Being an introvert does not mean that you do not already have friends. In fact, those current friends can be a great way to start and build on your network. Get in contact with your friends to make them a part of your network. Ask if they are aware of anyone who may be in the same career field as you that would be willing to help you out. It can be through mentoring or simply being a point of contact for advice.

Remember that as you start to gain more of a network from your old friends, be sure that you still keep in touch with them just as much as you do your new friends. You can do this for any old connections such as friends, bosses, and coworkers.

Never Pretend

While you are going out of your way to meet new people so you can create a network, never pretend to be somebody that you are not. If you are not someone who is loud and outgoing, do not try to be. Just because you are making a point to smile and engaging in small talk, does not mean that you should overdo it.

One thing that you will find about many recruiters is that they can easily spot someone who is fake. It is essentially part of what they are trained to do. If you are not being yourself and presenting yourself falsely then you are not giving a good impression of being honest.

Companies want honest workers that they can trust. If you are not being yourself from the start, how will they be able to trust you as part of their company?

Control The Meetings

When you are faced with meeting up with people for networking purposes, you can try planning singular meetings. Schedule meetings with individual people, rather than having to meet everyone as a whole group. It will be much easier than stressing over an overwhelming amount of people.

Instead, you focus mainly on the person right in front of you without there being a crowd of people around that may make you nervous. This also makes it easier to learn more about the other person and how they can be beneficial to your network. You can both share your skills and knowledge without outside interference.

To Sum It All Up

There are always methods in which you can choose to network when you consider yourself an introvert. Though some may have you stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone, you do have the choice to control a lot of the situations yourself. Take time to think about which methods are going to be the best for you and your ultimate goal with networking.

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