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Job Choices For The Field of Business

Having a degree in business opens up a lot of choices in the job world. It is best to get to know what your options are ahead of time. This gives you a chance to learn a little bit about each job and make a final decision on what is the best fit for you.

Assistant (Administrative)

An assistant who focuses on administrative support can have several different tasks to perform each day. Some administrative assistants could work mainly on event planning. In this case, they would be in charge of not only developing an idea for specific events, but also in charge of hiring any necessary staff, coming up with a schedule for the entire event, and are also responsible for making sure every aspect of the event goes smoothly.

Others may focus more on daily operations. With this, an administrative assistant would be in charge of what daily operations are actually run by the company and which operations need to be added or removed from the daily schedule.

No matter which specific area is chosen, an administrative assistant will commonly cover budgets, organizing, scheduling, and planning as the main tasks.

Cost Estimator

A cost estimator is responsible for managing the mathematics behind costs within companies. The most common companies that hire for this position are building industries and manufacturing plants. As part of working with an entire company, or a few individuals, a cost estimator will research different projects that may be going on within a company.

They take a look at the types of resources that are needed and calculate that cost. From there, it is necessary for a cost estimator to also research the labor involved to determine if a company already has the means to get the project done, or if they need to hire more skilled laborers. This again is where the cost will be estimated for the company.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is responsible for helping individuals who are trying to figure out their own business. This can be for individuals who want to start their own business or those that are already part of a larger company.

The market research analyst will often help clients determine the type of customers that they want to bring to their business. Another part to this is that they will also help decide just what those customers will want to buy. When this is determined, a market research analyst will then sit down with their client and work out the exact numbers as to how much the client will be paying when using the advice that is given to them about customers and products.

Reports play a huge part of this business position because the entire job is based on researching and using reports in order to help customers make informed decisions about their business.


A fundraiser is not the first thought that many have when thinking about the business field, but it is an essential and rewarding job choice. A fundraiser is an individual who works for a nonprofit organization and is responsible for determining ways of gaining funds.

Some of the ways that a fundraiser may complete this is to organize different events and even calling around using a call list. Either way, the main point of someone in a fundraiser position is to simply research ways in which to gain money for a nonprofit organization, develop a plan of action, and follow through with that plan in order to have a successful campaign.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resources, or HR specialists, are responsible for hiring people that they believe are a good fit for a particular job position. Because of this, an HR specialist needs to have an extreme attention to details. Companies often go through their own HR personnel in order to hire people for particular positions within their company. They put a lot of trust in who HR hires, so it is crucial to be able to decipher the good from the bad.

In order to do this, HR specialists will need to do more than just read over a resume or look at a job portfolio from individuals. They also carry the responsibilities of implementing job placement tests, training individuals if necessary, and keeping tabs on how each individual is doing within their job position, once hired.

HR specialists that work outside of a particular company are often sought after by many people because their focus is mainly on helping each person find a job and they are dedicated to that task.

Loan Officer

Working as a loan officer means that you will primarily work with clients who, in some way, are trying to reach certain financial goals. It could be anything from saving a certain amount of money for an important purchase, to planning different sources of money making such as stocks or savings account.

Loan officers are the ones who actually work with each client to see if a loan is plausible for many of these goals. They evaluate every client individually to see where they are starting and how a loan may benefit them. They are also making sure that helping a person get a loan is in their best interest because the loan will need to be repaid.

Loan officers also help with students trying to pay for college or those that are trying to repay their loans. They determine which loans may be best for them to apply for and also which loans are available that may be for their unique situation.

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