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The Basics of A Career In Horticulture

Having a passion for flowers and plants can lead you to many different careers, including one that involves horticulture as the main subject. What does a horticulturist do?

A horticulturist can have several different tasks to perform throughout each day. There may be certain areas where plants need to be fed, trimmed, or harvested. Then there may be other areas that require a horticulturist to plant specific types of greenery. There are even some horticulturists who focus solely on treating specific plants that may be infected or infested.

There are many areas that a horticulturist may work from including garden centers, botanical gardens, parks, and nurseries.

Some horticulturalists are actually hired to provide a visually appealing landscaping. At any time, a company may request the expertise of a horticulturist to map out, design, and place specific plants and flowers to form a landscaping design for certain companies or individuals.

Educational Requirements

Most positions in horticulture will only require a high school diploma since much of the work experience comes from working directly on the job.

For more advanced jobs or jobs that involve supervisory work, there may be additional education that is needed. Often times this will be an associate horticulture degree.

When you choose to go further with your career and want to give yourself a chance for advancement, you can choose different programs such as turf management, greenhouse management, ornamental horticulture, and landscaping as a way to boost your chances.

Skills Needed

While most of the skills needed in horticulture are learned on the job, there are still some skills that you need to possess beforehand.

1. Passion for Horticulture. To work in this field, you have to have a love of all things “green”. You do not necessarily have to be aware of every type of plant, flower, or seed that is out there. It is more important to have a desire to learn about these things.

2. Stamina. You could work long hours out in the sun and it will be necessary to be able to handle this type of work environment on a daily basis. It may also take a number of hours to water or treat all plants and flowers that need it.

3. Listening. Because horticulturists sometimes work as freelancers, it is necessary to have excellent listening skills. Clients will often verbally explain what they are looking for or what they expect you to do and you will have to be able to take all of this in and understand it.

4. Teamwork. Sometimes it may be necessary to work as a team instead of alone, especially if there are deadlines to be met. You must be able to work together with others in order to completely different types of projects for clients or for the company you work for.

5. Reliability. Companies and clients will look to you to get the job done and you need to be the type of person that they can depend on to take care of their horticultural problems.


The average salary for the career field of horticulture is roughly $24,000 to start and can go up to more than $55,000 with more experience and large scale work.

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