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The Basics of Getting Into Media Consulting

Media consulting is a career that will involve a great deal of work and dedication, but the rewards are definitely worth it, especially if you have a particular interest in the media field.

What does a media consultant do?

A media consultant is in charge of quite a few things. Because of the connection to sales, websites, and telecommunications, there is an extensive list of tasks. These are some of the most common tasks that you will find a media consultant performs on a regular basis:

1. Planning and organizing. It is the job of the media consultant to have a plan of action as far as setting up media arrangements. This can be with the executives of certain business or organizations, so professionalism is the top priority in this case.

2. Dealing with the public. As part of an everyday job for a media consultant, public relations is a must. Creating campaigns for individuals or an entire company is necessary to making sure a company is represented in the right way. It will be necessary to research each company you are working for in order to find the best public representation for them.

3. Provide different forms of media. As part of planning and organizing campaigns, it is common to create different articles for magazines, both online and offline. Providing written news articles and even press releases are also an important part of the entire process. Preparing different speeches for individuals, for different events, is another media outlet that must be completed by the media consultant.

Education Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is necessary to become a media consultant, but it will also take a huge amount of experience to go along with it. This could mean years working from the bottom of media consulting, to learn the ins and outs of the position, volunteer work, or even job shadowing.

Another way to gain the experience is to start while in college. Speak with your advisor about part-time job positions or extra courses that can be used as part of your learning experience for a media consulting position.

Skills Needed

The skills that are needed to work in media consulting is important as part of the overall aspect of the business field.


It is very important that, as a media consultant, you carry yourself with the most professionalism possible. You are going to be meeting with people and organizations of every kind so you must be able to quickly assess how to act when faced with new faces and new places.

Problem Solving

During different media events, there are a host of problems that could arise. A media consultant not only knows how to determine the problem, but they also know how to fix the problem as quickly as possible. There could be things such as last minute speeches that need to be changed or different individuals replacing others in live media events.

Meet Deadlines

There are always deadlines that must be met when you are in the world of media. Sometimes you may only be given a few minutes, hours, or days to come up with things like campaigns, speeches, press releases, and articles for the media. It is important to be able to handle the pressure in this fast-paced and demanding field.

Not only do you need to be fast at doing this, but you also need to be accurate with what you provide to individuals and companies.

Long Hours

With any type of media job, there are guaranteed long hours. You may have a press meeting in one city and not long after, it may be necessary to fly to a different state for a live conference. You might also stay up for long hours every night getting media articles or even press releases written. Either way, you have to be able to handle the demands of each day, which can be strenuous with both workload and long hours.

Professional Dress

If you are going to be a part of the media, you have to dress the part at all times. Not a lot of respect will be earned through dressing sloppy. This does not mean that you are required to dress up in a suit or wear a dress or skirt at all times. It simply means that you need to dress according to the occasion. There are times when you may be at media parties and even then it is likely you will have to dress up.


The life of a media consultant is not easy, but having determination helps in making sure stay focused on being successful. The rewards of this determination can be great, including meeting persons that not many will have the chance to meet, traveling to different cities, states, and sometimes countries.

People Person

Since you will constantly be in the presence of many different people, on a regular basis, it is important to be a people person. You have to interact with those who are both friendly and not so much. You may also come across people who have a high self-opinion about themselves as well. Either way, it is crucial to know how to react to any type of person that you meet.


Most media consultants, with experience, can make $60,000 or more per year. Even media consultants who have little experience when starting out, can start close to $50,000.

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