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The Best Jobs For Animal Lovers

Working with animals is a dream that many have and there are definitely plenty of jobs out there for animal lovers.

Veterinary Assistant

Most of the time veterinary assistants will actually work from within an animal hospital or inside animal clinics. A veterinary assistant is in charge of helping the veterinarian perform daily tasks that involve animals. They may help with anything from treating different types of animals to grooming them as well.

The education requirements for the position of a veterinary assistant is to at least have a high school diploma. There are some positions that may require some experience, which can be done through volunteer work. While it is not necessary to obtain a certification, it can really help in advancing to a higher position.

The average salary for a veterinary assistant is about $25,000.

Animal Trainer

Animal training takes a lot of skill and an equal amount of love for all animals. There may be a number of different duties that an animal trainer has for each animal that they work with. Some of these can include training horses for performances for shows, helping with obedience training for dogs and also training animals to be used in aiding disabled individuals. Animal trainers will also work with animals that may have backgrounds of abuse or isolation. They will help animals become accustomed to being around humans and other animals.

To become an animal trainer, it is not necessary to have any exact educational requirements. Animals trainers are often trained while they are on the job and earn a lot of their experience through different programs as well. There are many organizations that offer experience with at least working around animals.

The average income of an animal trainer is about $27,000.

Animal Breeder

An animal breeder is a well-educated person who loves animals enough to learn all that they can about them. Most breeders select a particular breed of animal, based on different characteristics, which they can breed professionally. This means that a great deal of research is required by the breeder so that they can properly select the right qualities within each breed.

To be an animal breeder, at least a high school diploma is needed. A GED is also acceptable. For individuals who choose to breed animals for zoo’s, a bachelor’s degree is a must. The degree should focus on veterinary science and zoology later on.

The average salary for a breeder is about $40,000, but with experience and living within the right state, that average could go beyond $70,000.

Animal Control

Animal control workers play a huge role in making sure animals are treated properly. They ensure that animals have adequate housing, are being fed properly, being treated properly, and look into cases that specifically involve animals. An animal control worker must have a real love of animals because they will come across animals of all kinds on a daily basis.

Educational requirements can vary depending on where the position is located, but having at least a high school diploma is necessary. Any extra training that is needed is often learned while working on the job. There are many different organizations that actually offer training specifically for becoming an animal control worker.

The average salary for an animal control worker is roughly $35,000.

Animal Groomer

An animal groomer is all about helping animals look and feel their best. A daily routine of cleaning different kinds of animals, thoroughly, and giving them a trim, are the basics of this jobs. It may also be requested that you perform other cleaning duties such as trimming nails and brushing teeth. An animal groomer must love animals and enjoy working with them all day long, each day. They must also know how to work with animals in order to keep them calm during grooming.

A high school diploma or GED is necessary for most grooming positions. Training will usually be completed on the job, but there are certain schools that help train an individual on all fundamentals of grooming. Also, working in a zoo may be a little different. A bachelor’s degree may be necessary with concentrations in biology or animal science.

The average salary for an animal groomer is roughly $22,000.

Animal Caretaker (Laboratory)

Animal caretakers that focus on working in labs are usually working under different biologists, animal scientists, or even veterinarians. They make sure that they properly care for the animals within the lab by feeding them properly, making sure they are in their appropriate locations, and even monitoring their overall health. Since there will be an abundance of different animals that are present within labs every day, an animal caretaker must have a passion for animals and know how to properly care for each type that they are in charge of.

At least a high school diploma will be necessary for working as an animal caretaker in a laboratory. Training is usually provided on the job and does not require any special certifications.

The average salary of animal caretakers in a laboratory is about $25,000.

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