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The Best Jobs For Those Who Are Lazy

Laziness can happen to the best of us, but getting paid to do a lazy job is what some individuals consider a “dream come true.” Despite the fact that there are a number of jobs out there that involve hard work, there are still possibilities for those that lack the hard work gene. Not all of these will involve simply sitting, but they are considered to be the best for those that want to lead a relaxed lifestyle and still get paid.


If you have any special skills dealing with education, you could consider this your lazy job. This is only in the lazy category for the fact that you can simply sit at home or a designated place to help teach others your skill. You can help students who need to study education areas such as math, science, language, or even biology. Any topic in the educational system can be used as a way for you to become a tutor if you have enough knowledge of that area.

Secret Shopper

A secret shopper is a dream job for anyone who loves to shop but also loves to give their opinion. Many companies are willing to pay individuals to shop at the physical stores and even online to get honest feedback about their experience.

As a secret shopper, you may be asked to choose a specific product to buy or browse around in order to get a feel for the store and the atmosphere that it conveys. Other times you may be asked to simply buy a product online or in the store and then give your feedback on it for the company to use in improvements for their business.

This is a job that can be done while in the comfort of your own home or leisurely walking around in different stores. It can be either a part-time or full-time job.


Being a blogger seems to be a very popular choice among all generations at this point. That being said, it is not for everyone. You have to have a presence about you that draws people in, and you will need a starting place for your blogging business.

If you simply love to write, you can choose to provide fresh articles for different blogs on a regular basis. If videos are more your taste, providing video reviews and video articles might be a good choice for you. Either way, if you have something to offer your followers, you can gain an audience and gain income at the same time.

Video Game Tester

A video game tester is yet another job for the lazy, although you will have to actually pay attention more than you think. You can play video games from home, or you may be asked to come to a specific location to play them. Either way, you will have to do more than just play games and have fun.

You will still need to pay attention to different aspects of the games such as gameplay, colors, characters, themes, and the storyline. Video game companies need testers to ensure that they create a product that lives up to the standards of the market and more.

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is often needed by more individuals than you might think. There are more than enough people who live busy lives, which leaves little time for them to spend with their pets. This goes beyond just a regular dog walking job. Many people need someone to visit their home at certain times throughout the day to help take care of their pets.

There are several types of animals that you may have to care for such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, and even rabbits. If you love animals and find this to be a relaxing job, then it could be your perfect “lazy” job.

Medical Tester

A medical tester is a broad type of job that can involve several different tests. Researchers will often look for individuals who have certain medical conditions to become test subjects for new medicines or treatments. There are even some who want to find test subjects for alternative medicines, regardless of the condition that you may or may not have.

While this type of job involves doing nothing more than taking what a researcher tells you to take, and how to take it, you have to keep in mind that side effects are common with this type of job.

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The Best Jobs For Those Who Are Lazy

Laziness can happen to the best of us, but getting paid to do a lazy job is what some individuals consider a “dream come true.” Despite the fact that there are a number of jobs out there that involve hard work,...

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