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The Best Qualities To Possess To Become A Leader At Work

When searching for the career that is right for you, you should ask yourself if you are a leader or a follower. Determining this helps you to see which direction you need to go as you search for your career. Several qualities make up a leader and even more things that you can do to show that you are a leader.

Qualities To Possess:


Anyone who plans to lead must exhibit confidence on a professional level. You need to be absolutely sure of yourself and your skills. With many people looking to you for guidance and direction, you must portray that you are confident enough to give them the answers that they seek.

If you are unsure of yourself, it will definitely show. This could make it very hard for you to gain the trust of those who work under you. No one wants to follow a leader who is not even sure of their own self first. It does not mean that you need to act as if you are better than anyone else or be obnoxious about the fact that you are confident. It simply means that you should have a little bit of assertiveness, but do not forget to respect others at the same time. You need to give people a reason to respect you, not demand it.


Communication is a tool that is needed no matter what your position is. You have to know how to properly communicate with your team to be an effective leader. Sometimes instructions may not be clear, and it could cause an entire department to fall apart. Making sure that you understand your team and that they can understand you, is important in every aspect.

A team that understands each other can accomplish much more than a team with little to no communication at all. Ask that your employees give you their thoughts on different situations or any ideas that they may have in mind. Have a suggestion box if you want to so that no one will feel singled out on those ideas. Encourage thoughts and ideas on a daily basis to make sure your team is communicating effectively.

Have An Open Mind

There are a lot of beliefs that to be a leader you have to stick to a set rules or specific guidelines. This is not the case for a number of reasons. When you keep to one mindset, you risk the chance of missing out on a lot of opportunities. For example, if you have a specific kind of employee in mind for who you want to work with and you are determined to have that type of person no matter what, you may lose sight of any other possibilities. There could be other workers out there that are just as capable, if not more, that would help to boost your leadership skills.

Also, having one type of mindset does not allow you to be practical about company goals. There are always circumstances that may need to change for you to reach any goals that are set forth by the company. Sometimes you may have to think outside of what your general guidelines are in order to make sure those goals are met.

Be Passionate About What You Do

You have to love what you do if you plan on being a manager. If not, your employees can very easily tell that you are not interested. If this happens, it will be very hard to motivate others to get excited about something that you cannot get excited about.

Another reason you need to love what you do is because if you do not, you will not be motivated to push yourself further into a leadership role. Having a passion for your work can help you to not only achieve one goal, but it can also motivate you to pursue another as well. You will end up with many more accomplishments through sheer determination.


This goes hand-in-hand with being passionate about your work. When in a leadership position, you may find it hard to be positive at all times. Despite this, as a leader, you will have to learn how to show optimism regardless. Negative thoughts tend to bring down team morale and therefore, decrease productivity.

Positive thoughts are what empower you and your team of employees. It boosts the overall optimism of your team and motivates them to do a good job and be as productive as possible. This, in turn, makes you look good as a leader but also encourages other leaders to follow your example.

Simple Things You Can Do:

Volunteer Work

If you are currently looking for a job or working on your first job, it never hurts to get a little volunteer work in whenever you can. Taking the initiation to volunteer shows quality leadership skills. Not everyone is comfortable with volunteer work, but it is a great way to learn how to interact with others, lead teams for different assignments, learn to spot the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, and enhance your knowledge of the different opportunities you are presented with each person you work with.

You will also learn how to network by meeting your connections, exchanging information, and staying connected outside of volunteering. The key to learning more about leadership through volunteering is that you should make a point to help with any leadership roles you can get your hands on.
Become the person that everyone depends on at all times. This immediately shows you are a leader, not a follower.

Leadership Attire

If you are going to be a leader, you need to remember that leaders lead by example. This can mean that dressing the part is a necessity, especially if you are in charge of other employees on a daily basis. There may be no dress code involved, but it is still a good idea to dress up a little.

Showing a little extra professionalism can go a long way with management. Even customers appreciate an employee who shows professionalism by dressing decently. This makes an employee seem more approachable and also shows that they care about their job.
In department store sales, dressing professionally is an absolute must so customers can feel more comfortable speaking to you. All of this leads back to the fact that you stepped up to the plate and took the initiative to look the part of a professional.


A leader represents an abundance of knowledge that can be provided to their followers. If you plan to lead you should research all that you need to make sure you can explain your tasks to others and answer their questions as needed.

This can be for something like being in charge of groups, teams, or even volunteer projects. Make sure you know all the details of how to handle each situation because everyone will look to you for help and advice on whatever the task may be.

While you need to know quite a bit to be a leader, you also get a lot of your knowledge through others as well. Always take the time to listen to what others have to say. You can end up learning more than you would all by yourself.

A great leader is one who can both offer and receive knowledge graciously.

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