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Turning Your Craft Into A Career

If you have a craft that you truly love, it may be time to consider making that craft a career. While you may be eager to get started on this endeavor, you need to consider all that is necessary to turn your craft into a career.

1. Ask Yourself The Big Question

Before you ever begin thinking about starting up your craft business, you have to ask yourself why you want to do this. If this is more of a side job, rather than a career, you will need to think about this in simpler terms. However, if this is something that you truly want to have as a career, then you need to research everything that comes with it, without skipping over any fine print.

Also, consider if you are doing this to have a change in lifestyle as well. Spending long hours at an office or in a stressful work environment are two very good reasons to consider making your craft a career. Not only does it give you a chance to work at home, in your comfort zone, but it also takes a lot of stress out of the situation that a regular job can give you.

2. Research Your Craft

It can be very tempting to go ahead and start selling your craft items, but you should take some time to do the research about your craft first. During this time, you need to look at others who have become successful with the same craft. There are some key elements that you need to research, specifically, while doing this.

3. Look At How Others Got Started

Some people may actually start out in the same place as you, so it is a good idea to see how they were able to make their craft into a successful career. They may share ideas that you cannot find anywhere else. There are even some that are willing to tutor those who are interested in starting their own business from their craft.

4. Gain Some Experience

You might wonder why you would need to gain experience when you already have experience doing this as a craft. The point of this is to gain experience in the business world so that you know the key points of crafting, product quality, finding your customer base, working with customers, fees, paperwork, shipping, and returns. You will need to know all of this and more in order to start any business.

5. Research Platforms

In order to gain customers, there must be a certain tool that a crafter uses. While you may see some that already have people in which they were selling to, before starting their business, there are others who may use a different way of sourcing customers.

Research the different types of social media sites, apps, websites, or affiliates they may be using and which ones seem to be more successful. Write down each one if you need to, followed by any notes to remember for later.

6. Research Products

This means more than just taking a look at what products you plan on selling. The key to making a success with your crafted products is to research what others are selling. There may be different forms of what you plan on crafting, that customers would be interested in. It is a good idea to get as much information on products as possible.

7. Know Your Customer

Certain crafts can be for different age groups or types of people. For example, you can create jewelry for those who are jewelry enthusiasts, teenagers, or certain events like for bridal gifts. For younger children, you may craft children’s toys, create children’s books, or build furniture to go in playrooms. Knowing who your products will be for can help you to understand exactly how to create and sell those products.

8. Start Simple

Even though you have researched quite a few products and may want to sell every version all at once, it may be best to start simple. Take your best and what is considered the most popular craft item. Take the time to perfect this particular product first and start this as your first product to sell.

By starting out with just one or two items that are completely finished, you can get an idea of what needs to be changed about it as you go along. This is much better than going ahead and posting a lot of products and then having to change them all later.

9. Create Your Work Area

One thing that is very important to starting any craft business is making sure you still have a professional work area. This can be any space that you can turn into a place to not only work on your craft items but ship them as well. Having a studio is even better because you can designate different areas in the studio for things like ideas, tools, still crafting items, finished products, sold items, and ready-to-ship items. It is great way to keep everything organized so that you know exactly where everything you need is.

Take all of these things into consideration before jumping right in. Not many think of turning their craft into a career, but in order to succeed, planning will always be an essential part of the entire process. A craft can become a career, but be prepared, make a plan for success, and stick to it.

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