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Why Organization and Time Management Are Crucial Skills

There are a lot of skills that are important in the job world, and organization and time management are particularly important. These two skills are necessary for searching for a job, applying, interviewing, starting a job, and so many more aspects.

Job Search

During your job search, being organized is critical to keeping the stress out of the entire process. It is always a good idea to keep each search organized by the type of job that you are looking for. You can go even further than that by organizing which jobs you applied for and the current status of each application.

It is best to always know where you are at with each job search and application. You can always go back and easily find the exact information that you may need for a particular resume or employer.


Preparing yourself for the interview is important, and it will usually involve quite a bit of organizing and time management. You have to organize your paperwork before an interview. Many require you to have a copy of your resume handy for the actual interview.

Make sure that for each interview, you organize your resume in a way that reflects your skills for the specific interview you will be having. An example would be highlighting volunteer work and any leadership roles when interviewing for a management position.

Time management plays a part when you need to arrange your interviews, especially if you have multiple interviews in one day. You have to be sure to make time adjustments in order to make to all of your interviews on time. Also, try to give yourself some extra time because employers like employees who are early or at least on time.

Starting A Job

When starting a job, there are two things that employers concentrate on and that is organization and time management. Organization comes in when you first start to get your daily tasks underway. Employers pay attention to how well you are able to stay organized with all the tasks that you have.

The same can be said for time management. Employers really do appreciate someone who knows how to manage their time in order to accomplish their tasks. The also like someone who can plan to be on time to meetings or just showing up for work on a daily basis.

Benefits of Time Management and Organization

Energy Boost
Having everything organized ahead of time and making up schedules to manage your time, take the guess work out of planning your day. You do not have to worry about remembering what you need to do or when you need to do it. That means less stress, less running around unorganized, and more energy because everything is basically mapped out. When you have more energy, it is much easier to be productive on a daily basis.

Stress Reduction
Just like what is stated above, managing your time and staying organized keeps your stress levels low. If you have to rush all the time, it is a guarantee that stress is not making the situation any better. It can make you feel less accomplished, sluggish, and lose a desire to get anything done at work or at home. Having everything planned is just another way to cut out stress and make your work-life easier. It will also ensure that you are keeping your health in check as well.

Gain Control
You can start to have a lot more control with your life when you are able to balance everything. It can be very stressful to work with a chaotic schedule. By going ahead and creating a schedule of everything on your to-do list, then you have gained control over your time. Think of it as putting yourself ahead of the game. It will be much easier to balance your work and personal life when you can see exactly when you are free and when you need to work.

Organization and time management are a part of being successful in your career or with any job that you choose. Employers take notice of employees that have mastered the art of time management and organization. These are the type of employees that move up in a company much faster than those that do not try to learn these skills.

All of these benefits are crucial to enjoying your career and having a good understanding of organization and time management are steps to help you get there.

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